Call For Submissions: 2014 Yahoo ‘Internet For Good’ Gold Standard Award

By Nick O’Donnell, Regional Manager, Public Policy for Asia Pacific

Do you have a great story to share of how you have used the internet for good?  If so, we want to hear from you!

Nominations are now open for The 2014 Yahoo! Internet for Good Gold Standard Award, which recognises excellence in the use of the internet in promoting charitable causes and community engagement across Asia Pacific.

At Yahoo, we take seriously our role as an engaged member of the communities in which we live and work and aim to make doing good a daily habit.  For the third year now, we are proud to sponsor the Gold Standard Award in partnership with PublicAffairsAsia where we have the opportunity to recognize stellar members of the APAC community who are leveraging technology for good.

Among the 2013 winners was The Internet Society which was recognized for a project called Wireless for Communities (W4C).  Through W4C, the Internet Society worked to introduce internet access to rural villages across India and teach them how to use the internet. You can watch the profile interviews of all of the 2013 winners here.

The internet is a constantly evolving landscape that presents limitless opportunities for growth and for good.  We believe that the Internet is more than just a medium that brings down communication barriers; it can also foster positive change.  We look forward to hearing all of the innovative ways that the internet is being used!

The submission deadline for The 2014 Yahoo Internet for Good Gold Standard Award is September 26, 2014.  For more information, please visit:

Tech Girls in NYC: New City, New Faces, Same Strong Commitment to Women in Tech

By Elisa Shyu, Public Relations Manager, Public Policy

check out more photos on the TechGirls Flickr!

I had the pleasure of meeting with the TechGirls at Tumblr headquarters in New York City last week to share our priorities, direction, and commitment to our users.

Talk about an impressive group of young women. The young women range from ages 15-17 years old and hail from eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, from Morocco, to Algeria, to Tunisia. They were competitively selected to participate in this global exchange program through the U.S. Department of State.

Over the course of three weeks in the United States, the young women are meeting with tech companies, participating in hack-a-thons, and completing a tech bootcamp.  Each of them have committed to developing a community-based tech project that they will continue upon their return to their home countries. These projects range from leading a volunteer/donation drive to benefit local causes, creating a tech skills transfer system to further educate and expose women to tech, and gathering a panel of women experts in the region for a discussion on the use of tech for social change.

During the discussion, all of the young women echoed the same desire: to increase opportunities for women to interact with, benefit from, and work in tech. The theme of mentorship and commitment to engaging women in tech is a familiar theme that we at Yahoo also embrace. We are proud of the fact that from our CEO to our leading engineers, women play a strong role in our company. Furthermore, the Change Your World series hosted by Yahoo’s Business and Human Rights Program not only highlights women leaders who are leveraging tech to improve their own communities, but also encourages a strong network of mentorship and partnership for women in tech.

TechGirls is an organization that empowers and enlightens young women about their abilities to affect change through tech. We were please to host them last year in our DC offices, and to have had the opportunity to meet the class of 2014. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with the TechGirls and can’t wait to see how these bright young women continue to leverage technology to change the world.

The Pathways to Prosperity Innovation Challenge: Empowering SMEs in Latin America

By Laura Juanes Micas, Senior Legal Director, International Privacy

At Yahoo, we’re known as the world’s biggest start up, and we’re proud of the spirit of innovation that we cultivate globally. We are no strangers to opening markets and to starting a business from scratch. One great example is Latin America, where we were truly internet pioneers, opening our first office in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 1999.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) create 75% of all jobs. One of the main challenges faced by SMEs is how to grow and remain competitive in the global marketplace. The Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas program was created to help SMEs overcome these challenges by linking businesses in the Western Hemisphere to open market and inclusive growth opportunities around the world.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of State, in collaboration with Context Partners and the World Environment Center, launched the Pathways to Prosperity Innovation Challenge to discover existing local, high-impact solutions that empower SMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean to advance economic development and prosperity. I was honored to represent Yahoo and serve as a judge for the Pathways Innovation Challenge. As our company has lived the start-up process in Latin America ourselves, we can truly appreciate the value that the Pathways to Prosperity Innovation Challenge is bringing to the region.

Over the course of the last year, 12 finalists were selected from over 200 participants to compete in four categories (working to addresses market access for SMEs, support for SMEs to meet trade standards, workers’ rights, or support for SMEs to adopt clean technology). The final winners will receive financial and technical support so they can expand and scale their projects across the region.

It was a privilege for me to be part of the jury that identified the final four Pathways Innovation Challenge awardees. I was moved and inspired by the drive, the passion and the energy of all of the candidates and their commitment to make a positive change in the region. The competition was incredibly tough and choosing the awardees was not an easy task. They were all truly winners and will certainly continue to thrive and succeed in their initiatives.

We thank Pathways to Prosperity for allowing us to be a part of this amazing experience and we wish all of the twelve finalists the best of luck in their adventures.

Follow Pathways to Prosperity here.

Making Good a Daily Habit: Giving back through the Yahoo Employee Foundation


Sophy Yem, Employee Giving Manager

At Yahoo, we are committed to being an engaged member of the communities in which we live and work.  We take this to heart and through the Yahoo Employee Foundation (YEF), employees at Yahoo are able to give back the the local non-profits, organizations, and charities in our communities that they care about the most.

The Yahoo Employee Foundation (YEF) was founded in 1998 by Yahoo co-founders Jerry Yang and David Filo. To this day, we are proud that YEF is 100% employee funded and employee operated. Our employees donate to YEF fund, identify local organizations to support and champion, and serve on the grants committee board of directors.

Each year, we work closely with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, to award YEF grants to community organizations that are chosen by our employees.  So far this year, YEF has granted nearly $1 million to over 60 organizations in the past three quarters alone. With three more grant cycles to go, we are on track to donate $1.3 million to over 100 organizations!  These grants support clean water initiatives, victims of domestic violence, sustainable farming and many more programs.

At Yahoo, we recognize that the saying “it takes a village” applies in more than one way.  We draw so much of our world class talent from the same communities that these grants go on to benefit.  As part of Yahoo’s commitment to corporate philanthropy and responsibility, we strive to make doing good a daily habit.  What better place to do so than in the very communities in which we live and work? 




This summer, over 200 Yahoo employees contributed to the over $45K YEF service grant project to assemble and donate 2000+ backpacks for children in need.

It’s Smack Talk Season again


By Elisa Shyu, Public Relations Manager, Public Policy

It’s that time of the year again when the August haze has fallen over our nation’s capital.  You know what that means…

If you guessed Congressional Recess, you are only partially correct. 

If you intuitively knew that this, right here right now, is your moment to gear up for Fantasy Football season, then congratulations.  You are right on. 

So dust off your football stats and facts, conduct your research on the who’s who of key players this year, and pick your Fantasy Football Roster!

Game on, friends.  It’s Smack Talk Season.  (And to clarify, no, we don’t mean mid-term elections…yet.)

Here are some resources to help you out this season:

What is Fantasy Football?

Why should you play Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football? Yahoo! Sports’ Melanie Collins explains the basics.


How to draft your Fantasy Football team

Melanie Collins breaks down the different types of drafts available in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football


Managing your Fantasy Football roster

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How to acquire new players for your Fantasy Football team

Not happy with your roster after your draft? Melanie Collins explains how to pick up new players or trade with other managers in your league.


National Draft Day

Yahoo Sports will be hosting National Draft Day at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 23rd.  Don’t forget to tune in!


Yahoo and Bloom Energy Light Up Fuel Cells on Sunnyvale Campus

By Ken Goldman, Yahoo Chief Financial Officer


left to right: Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Jim Davis, Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman, Bloom Energy CEO KR Shridhar, Yahoo Adviser to the CEO Patricia Moll Kriese, Yahoo VP of Real Estate and Workplace John Bruno

At Yahoo, we are committed to being an environmentally responsible company, including using energy efficient and cleaner technologies whenever possible. Our goal is to meet half of our annual electricity needs at our campus in Sunnyvale through on-site energy generation, which will allow us to reduce our reliance on the traditional power grid, improve our energy and economic efficiency in powering our facilities, and reduce our environmental impact.

Earlier today, I was thrilled to help flip the switch on five fuel cells that will power one-third of the electricity to our buildings here in Sunnyvale. We were joined by our project partner KR Sridhar, Ph.D., Principal Co-Founder/CEO of Bloom Energy, as well as Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Jim Davis. These fuel cells will generate 1MW of electricity, and help bring us one step closer to reaching our overall goal. 

As a global company, we’re focused on making sure our operations around the world are as energy efficient as possible. A great example of this is our data centers, which power the daily habits of our over 800 million users worldwide and are among the most energy efficient in the industry. Our patented Yahoo Compute Coop data center building design utilizes the passive flow of outside air to cool our servers for 98% of the year — significantly reducing the draw of energy and water that would be required to power a traditional data center facility.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility doesn’t stop there.  We continue to explore other economic, renewable and clean energy options that can be deployed in our facilities around the world. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on additional steps we’re taking to make our operations as energy efficient as possible.

Get online safety on your Summer “To-Do” List


By Megan Cristina, Senior Director, Ad Policy, Trust & Safety

With summer in full-swing, family vacations, beach days, and BBQs are just a few memorable events that fill our calendars. For kids and teens, “School’s out!” means not only more time with friends, but more time for online activities like playing games, nurturing that blog you’ve been working on, or posting photos from a great summer concert. No matter your summer adventure, you’ll likely share your experiences online with family and friends.

Whatever the season, safety is a top priority for us here at Yahoo. Summer offers more time for capturing moments and building memories, and is the perfect opportunity to refresh your knowledge on how to stay safe while interacting online.

Today, we’re launching the new Yahoo Safety Center where you can find safety advice, resources, and important security tips in one place. Some of the features include:

  • Family Safety Tips for all ages;
  • Security advice to help guide your online activity;
  • Safety Guides for handy insight on how to use Yahoo services like Mail and Flickr safely;
  • Latest News offering up-to-date insights and advice from safety partners and security experts, and news from the Yahoo Safety team;
  • Privacy and Identity guidance to enhance your Yahoo experience
  • Resources like the Family Media Agreement to capture your family’s shared commitment to online safety.

At Yahoo, we’re committed to your safety. The resources available in our new Yahoo Safety Center will help empower you and your family to make smart and safe choices whenever you go online.

Visit the Yahoo Safety Center to learn more!

Yahoo DC Welcomes the 2014 YALI Fellows

By Tekedra Mawakana, Vice President of Global Public Policy, Deputy General Counsel


(Tekedra Mawakana, Yahoo VP of Global Public Policy, together with 2014 YALI Fellows and Dr. Sonya Smith of Howard University)

There’s no doubt that young people are the future of Africa: nearly 1 in 3 Africans are between the ages of 10 and 24, and approximately 60 percent of Africa’s total population is below the age of 35.  We were thrilled to host twenty five young African leaders — all fellows from the 2014 Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) program —- in our Yahoo DC office yesterday.

Hosted by Howard University and in partnership with the State Department, these young leaders are part of President Obama’s YALI Washington Fellowship. These impressive young people hail from over twenty African countries ranging from Mali to South Africa, and represent a new generation of promising young leaders. Their collective resumes astound: some work for Presidents of their country and prominent local companies, some serve in official government roles, others are human rights advocates, IT professionals, filmmakers and broadcasters, and the list goes on. Across the board, they promote innovation and positive change in their organizations, institutions, communities, and countries. 

I had the honor of kicking off the day with an overview of Yahoo’s public policy priorities and global perspective.  A number of my colleagues from our Public Policy team — including Nicole Mortier, Yahoo Director of US Government Relations, and Justin Weiss, Yahoo Assistant General Counsel — spoke to the YALI fellows about our approach to big data, privacy and security. Duru Ahanotu, PhD, Yahoo Director of Corporate Measurements, then gave a presentation about how we base our innovation on global research and quantitative insights. Don McGillen, Senior Campus Relation Manager for Yahoo Labs, was a fantastic host for the Howard YALI fellows, building on the strong partnership he has forged with Howard University in recent years.

At Yahoo, we are focused on inspiring and entertaining our users around the world. The key to this is listening to and understanding the needs of our users. The opportunity to have such an insightful lively conversation with a new generation of enthusiastic users is invaluable.  We look forward to continuing this conversation with the YALI network for years to come.


(Justin Weiss, Yahoo Assistant General Counsel, and Nicole Mortier, Yahoo Director of US Gov’t Relations, speak to fellows about Privacy and Big Data as Duru Ahanotu, PhD, Yahoo Director of Corporate Measurement, looks on)

The Buffalo News Names Yahoo Lockport a Top Workplace

Paul Bonaro, Director of Data Center Operations, Eastern-US/EMEA

We are so pleased that our Data Center and Customer Experience Center of Excellence in Lockport, New York, was recognized as one of the 2014 Top Workplaces by The Buffalo News.

Our data centers around the world power the daily habits of our +800 million users, and the Data Center Operations team in Lockport contributes so much to this effort.  Their work helps ensure that we deliver the best user experience across all of our platforms. 

In addition, our team at the Customer Experience Center of Excellence provides world-class user support across our platforms to ensure that we are not only delivering the best consumer experience, but that we are also taking care of our users when they need our support.

We are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent and take great care in investing in our workforce.  We are humbled by this recognition which was based on confidential survey results from our employees. 

We have been proud to call Western New York home since 2009 and are an engaged member of the local community.  Many of our data center and customer experience team members come from the greater Lockport area, and we are committed to continuing to grow in Lockport.  The recent expansion of our data center and the addition of the call center will allow us to continue to deliver the best user experience. 

We are looking for talented candidates to join our team!  There are a variety of educational and professional backgrounds that are well suited for the jobs at our data centers.  For more information, please check out

Workforce Diversity at Yahoo


By Jackie Reses, Chief Development Officer

Here at Yahoo we are committed to attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce. We’re in the business of building products for hundreds of millions of users worldwide and that starts with having the best possible talent - a Yahoo team that…