We’re Proud To Have Your Back

By Ron Bell, General Counsel

Earlier today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) issued the latest version of their “Who Has Your Back?” annual report. We are pleased and honored to have achieved a star in all six of EFF’s categories:

  • Requires a warrant for content

  • Tells users about government data requests

  • Publishes transparency reports

  • Publishes law enforcement guidelines

  • Fights for users’ privacy rights in courts

  • Fights for users’ privacy rights in Congress

You trust and rely on us to deliver beautiful, personalized products that make your daily habits inspiring and entertaining. In turn, we work hard to protect your information from unclear, improper, overbroad or unlawful government data requests. You can be sure that our global teams will continue to push on this front.

See for yourself how we put our users first approach into action.